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Frescura quality is called Kaizen
Kaizen is a Japanese method of continuous improvement which is best expressed in the involvement of the whole company operating structure. The basic principle upon which this management philosophy is based highlights that the success of a business does not depend solely on management choices (top down principle), but originates from the ability of management to involve the whole structure in achieving results (bottom-up principle). If the whole operating structure is permeated by a culture of quality, if the individual operators are stimulated to create added value, eliminating everything that is waste, if everyone is encouraged to enhance the efficiency of the process, increasing useful work, then achieving Total Quality will no longer be a pipe dream. Often in companies, improvement projects, even those that are done well, do not achieve their intended objectives precisely because of their way of spreading the idea, which is almost always top down. Just because management devised it, everyone has to recognise and implement it (automatically). In Frescura, doing Kaizen means involving, it means rewarding suggestions coming from the lower echelons (bottom-up), it means stimulating people who know, better that anyone else, the machines (production line workers) to suggest improvements to the production cycle before problems arise.
Therefore the exceptional Frescura-Keizen quality originates from the bottom and spreads through the whole company before reaching the end customer who rewards us by their satisfaction and loyalty