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The application of
Value Stream Mappingand Daily Routine Work within Frescura
Mapping the value chain helps to understand and optimise all work processes, using Lean Manufacturingtechniques, with the aim of identifying and eliminating all so-called process “waste”. In Frescura, by “waste” we mean any activity which does not add value to the end product. Once such “waste” has been identified, the causes of such can be eliminated and by creating activity flow maps, the main processes and current state (quality) of all activities can be visualised, eliminating “waste”. Having reached this point, the outstanding quality control system known as DRW (Daily Routine Work) becomes involved. 
Daily Routine Work
In Frescura, DRW represents one of the fundamental pillars for company improvement under the Toyota Production System. It is inserted into a real context where every process, every activity, every task and every person agrees to initiate a control system of their own “done” from a viewpoint of continuous improvement. The aim of the DRW method is to achieve the full satisfaction of the “internal customer”. Therefore, the “downstream customer”, that activity, that department, that task, that office becomes the priority reference which follows, in the value chain, the work of every single individual.
Everything, in Frescura, is aimed at satisfying the needs of those who follow the flow of activities. They are called “internal customers” in order to distinguish them from “end customers” or the customers who receive the final output of the manufacturing process of the whole organisation.
By applying the DRW system, subdivided into its seven regular phases, we have joined all activities into a logic system of internal “customer/supplier” chains, keeping the quality of these exchanges at a high level and ensuring that all internal processes are “pulled” by the most important type of customer: the end customer. The end quality can be nothing other than the sum of all the intermediary “qualities”.
Frescura quality is dedicated to our customers and is based upon solid organisational foundations where all our collaborators work towards a single aim: the end customer